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May 9, 2006 - Vol 3, Issue 4
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Dear Kork,

I usually stay away from these types of soapboxes.

The church seems to always cherry-pick issues that narrowly confine our faith conversations to a few controversial subjects, eliminating some topics altogether that I believe are close to God’s heart. We selectively find our pet controversies, position ourselves as moral gatekeepers, and affectively shutdown conversations with those we intend to reach.

I thought some of this needed to be said.

Please read on with an open heart, and mind...

An interview by Lisa Ann Cockrel

With The Da Vinci Code poised to go from bestseller list to the big screen on May 19, pastor and writer Brian McLaren talks about why he thinks there's truth in the controversial book's fiction.

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May the LORD bless and keep you, wishing you His presence in all that you do--as you walk beside still waters.


Kork Moyer, Pastor
Still Waters

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