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BesideStillWaters Vol. 1  Issue 3

Christmas 2004 BesideStillWaters Newsletter
surely goodness and mercy will follow...
Merry Christmas!
Christmas is very close!!

We hope you are not too stressed as you prepare to celebrate the coming of the "Prince of Peace."

by Kork Moyer   A Time Of Worship
Some stress is good however - the straining toward God in worship; the rearranging of our lives in thought, as well as deed, conforming to God's agenda, and so on...

We have seen growth in some of our churches, both spiritually, and now we are about to add another church located in an alley, just off of Charlotte Street.

Some of this growth has come through some very difficult circumstances that we are still struggling to get thought - and with the Lord's help we will get through. But this too is a pressing into God's purpose; His agenda; His worship.

We are celebrating Advent in our churches, working our way backward through the incarnation story - beginning with the consummation of all things, the new heavens and new earth, Jesus in majesty ruling and reigning with justice and reconciliation - a perfect worship; and moving backward to the event in time that our God poured Himself into an innocent and vulnerable human container named Jesus.

How breathtaking!! - to see Him upon His throne in the Revelation, in Daniel, in Isaiah; and realize how He placed Himself into this vulnerable human condition - into our story.

It is as we learn and realize these things, that we are able to endure - even gladly embracing some of the pain that change brings in us, and in our people, as we go through these challenges together. This is very genuine, and within us, we know that God is pleased. Here during Christmas time we are trying to remember why Jesus came - to "seek and save the lost." This is a wonderful Christmas!!

Please continue to pray for us.

Again, Merry Christmas!

Manna Ministry
We would like to thank everyone who wrote, called, emailed, and prayed for those who were very close to Jerry. You all have no idea just how felt they were. Thank you again for being part of His, and our story here in Pottstown!
Still Waters Christmas Eve Service
We will be doing the last part of Advent (which is Peace), read the Christmas story in Matthew's Gospel, celebrate communion, and enjoy a small social gathering to talk and mingle - a time of growing closer to each other.

It will be a time for folks from the 3 different Still Waters churches, and friends from the Manna Ministry to be together, celebrating Christmas.

It will be wonderful to see all the churches in a truly social setting. I think it will speak a lot to us all about Christ's community.

Missy and I would also like to let you all know that we appreciate you and your sacrifice for these folks and Jesus' family.

Christmas in our hearts at Still Waters
We are currently trying to make Christmas real for some folks that have become dear to us. We want to make Christmas alive for these folks - giving ourselves away as "gifts" to the church and community. These are some of the things that we are doing over the next weeks...

A needy family whom we are getting to know

We have helped them out twice before. Kathy is pregnant, with 10 weeks to go. She is on bed rest and cannot work - she could deliver at any time. Their 3 boys are covered for Christmas from the gift aspect, but they need Christmas Dinner, and need help with some bills also.

They could use food for Christmas Dinner. They have some - not much. They have a huge electric back-bill and a current bill due. They have tank of oil left and it cost around $300 to fill it.

We have a turkey to give them and other holiday food items. We also intend to help with the money owed for the electric bill and/or put it toward their oil bill.

The Pottstown Consumer Center

This is a branch of the PA Mental Health Association. They will be hosting folks who have no other family, and need help with Christmas Dinner. We will provide them with the necessary food - 2 turkeys, stuffing, etc. We have already received both turkeys, stuffing, cranberry sauce, corn and mixed vegetables, as well as desert. On Christmas Eve we will be cooking the food and delivering it to them in time for Christmas dinner.

We also plan to fix their computer situation, provide additional computers and peripheral equipment for their location, and conduct the Computer Certificate Training Program for them at no cost.

Another family whom we love

They have not had hot water in over 2 years now. We will be installing a new hot water heater. There are some very talented men with us who view this as giving back to Jesus. We pray that this will show them how much Jesus is in love with them.

Click here to read about Help for the Home

Please let us know if you are willing to help in any of these areas. Also, please keep these folks in prayer. If we would like to see their lives change just one mile toward Christ, we will need to invest 20 miles.

Should you want to contribute monetarily toward any of the above, please click the link below. PayPal is a very trusted and secure service that places your donation money right into the Still Waters account. It also gives you a receipt for your tax purposes. If you contribute in this way, please mark your donation according to how you would like the money dispersed.

Thank you all for your commitment to Jesus and His work!!

A Good Article For Us To Remember At Christmas
This article came by way of a friend's newsletter, Mike Jentes from the Quest in Columbus.

The article is "IPods Before the Poor?" by Ryan Egli, an MDiv student, and the recruitment representative at Grace Theological Seminary.

It is arresting. Please give it a read and then pray.

IT Ministry
  We have wonderfully qualified IT Professionals who want to help
Yes! Believe it or not - we've been given more computers, and more are on the way! Please pray that we will make wise use of them for the Kingdom.
Some things are just worth remembering...
  Here are some of the things that affect me as I walk with Jesus.
"Community has become a buzzword in the church in recent years. Overbusy individuals hope they can cram it into their overstuffed schedules like their membership to a health club (which they never have time to use). Churches hope they can conjure it with candles, programs, or training videos. Community is far more costly than that: one cannot add it to anything, rather one must begin with it in order to enter it, practice it, and preserve it. - Brian McClaren, A Generous Orthodoxy
Gifting: Giving Back to God
  Do You Have the Time?
If you have an interest in providing selfless ministry within your giftedness, here in the Greater Pottstown Area, please let us know.
Please Pray For. . .
The Beginnings of Home Churches. The people we are meeting are interest in doing church afresh. We are just discovering who we will be in God's work, and we could use your thoughts, advice, encouragement...and yes, your critique.

The different Christmas ministries that we are currently doing through the Manna Ministry and Still Waters churches.

The families in our area in need.

I will be leaving my corporate job and the safety of that income for a far less stable future. We are nervous about this, but we are sure that God will provide. I would like to leave Exelon Energy well. Please pray for my ability to do that.

We are looking for a place where we might meet ongoing for corporate worship gatherings that we call "Tabernacling." There is not a lot of budget for this.

Pray that we would be humble enough for God to use - that Jesus, and His message will be evident in all that we do.

You can contribute financially to help Still Waters Online. We are struggling financially as a church, whereas the type of ministries that we are involved in are draining both financially, and with regard to time commitments. Please consider helping Still Waters with financial gifts to help continue the work here in Pottstown, PA.

Also, please consider helping in this way ongoing through monthly contributions.

We are pleased to be of service to the people of Pottstown, and should you desire to help with this work financially please click below.

Thank you so much, and may God bless you!

Merry Christmas!


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