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March 29, 2006 - Vol 3, Issue 1
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We have been trying to walking through “the desert” experience, surrendering things; attitudes, food, time, etc. In short, surrendering comforts—some necessary, some totally selfish in nature.

During lent, we are seeking to overthrow “the powers” that we, in our comfort believe that we deserve...

Ephesians 2 :: 1 - 10

Does God owe us an easy walk through life? The “powers” that we are looking to off, are the cooperation with the group evil that we breathe in and out every day; the compromise of believing we are of the world—and that it’s not heartbreaking to our holy God. Like fish, unaware of the water that supports them, we too are unaware of the junk that we have adopted and use to support our own selfishness, out of our fallen culture that we breathe in and out every moment.

Celebrating Holy Week at Still Waters

Last year, on the Thursday before Easter, we held a joint service with our three home churches to celebrate Maundy Thursday (or Holy Thursday).

Maundy Thursday is one of the lesser-known days of the Christian calendar and, were it not for the Maundy Ceremony, would probably have fallen into disuse altogether. It is the day before Good Friday.

We are planning another service this year.

George W. Bush is not Lord. The Declaration of Independence is not an infallible guide to Christian faith and practice. Nor is the U.S. Constitution, nor the U.N. Universal Declaration on Human Rights. "Original intent" of America's founders is not the hermeneutical key that will guarantee national righteousness. The American flag is not the Cross. The Pledge of Allegiance is not the Creed. "God Bless America" is not the Doxology.

Sometimes one needs to state the obvious— especially at times when it's less and less obvious.


This Friday evening (the 31st) at 8:30 pm, Taylor and I are going to sleep out at Washington & Chestnut streets in Pottstown. We are not doing this to raise money, or for some political cause (although the official National Sleep Out will be), or to think more highly of ourselves. We are doing it as a way to glimps a meagar understand, only for one night, of the terror of not having a home.

We will be looking to be as vulnerable as anyone might be in this situation. Of course we have an “out” at the end of the night when we go home. But, it is walking a mile in another’s shoes.

We will meet at my home at 7:30 pm. Bring a blanket, no money, and a desire for God to change you. I am also open to suggestions. We will be talking about God, a lot!


Kork Moyer, Pastor
Still Waters

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