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Yes, we still need Your Help!

We are in a new phase of establishing seasonal/winter MAIN Street shelter.  This requires a lot of resources, ranging from a deep financial burden, to supplies and manpower.


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions applicable to the Mobile Shelter that we offered this past winter, and are still relevant should you want to help us as we move forward to a continuum of care.


Please keep these as a matter of prayer, seeking what role you could play in meeting the many needs of the poorer members of our area.

Q.  If I volunteer as Overnight Staff, what will my responsibilities be?

A.   The overnight volunteers will make sure that the food is served, they must stay awake throughout the night, and clean-up in the morning before they leave.  There will be at least 2 staff each night, and there will be emergency numbers provided should a need arise. Of course, we do want people to be treated with dignity and respect, requiring everyone to be treated the way we would like to be esteemed. 

Q.  If I volunteer as a Staff Driver, what will my responsibilities be?

A.   People need to be picked up at the Pottstown Library on High Street around 8:45 p.m. nightly, and transported back around 8:00 a.m. the following morning.  Drivers do not need a CDL, and would need to drive an Omni-Bus that is slightly larger than a commercial van; a Ford E350.


Q.  If I volunteer as Laundry Staff, what will my responsibilities be?

A.   Launderers will collect bedding (call 610-455-5333 to arrange pick up locations and times), will hot water-detergent-wash, dry completely on high heat, and fold the laundry, returning it to MAIN ST.  They can launder at home or use a Laundromat. 


Q.  What types of food should I provide when volunteering to prepare something nightly?

A.   We do not expect people to prepare a dinner meal, just something light.  Perhaps soup, since people may not have eaten. Fruit, snacks, nuts, cheese, pretzels, peanut butter bread, drinks; and for breakfast – instant oatmeal, fruit, coffee, tea, hot chocolate.  We will also need paper products like cups, bowls, plates, plastic spoons and napkins, etc.


Q.  If I volunteer as a Volunteer Staff Person, how will I know what to do?

A.   There will be ongoing Orientation for those wishing to be Overnight Volunteers, Food Providers, Drivers, Launderers, etc. and All Volunteer Staff will be partnered with Regular Duty Staff while serving. Please check our Calendar Page for ongoing training that we make available from time-to-time.


Q.  How many people are expected each night?

A.   We are expecting around 20 to 40 people when weather is mild.  However, the numbers will increase when things turn inclement—very cold, or stormy.


Q.  What about insurance if we are a Host Church?

A.   We have developed documents for those we serve that preclude liability for the host church and those on staff.  This is in addition to any insurance that most churches already carry.


Q.  What can I donate to help?

A.   Bedding; twin size sheets, pillows, pillow cases, twin size blankets, gift cards to WalMart or any grocery store in town, etc., financial donations, food, your time. We do not need clothes. For a full list of needs, please click HERE.


Q.  Where can I deliver the items I wish to donate?

A.   Donations can be delivered to Trinity Reformed United Church of Christ, 60 N Hanover St, Pottstown PA 19464, Tuesday through Friday between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon, and Saturdays from 9:00 am noon. Should you need a time outside of these, please contact us to arrange a drop-off, through the contact information below.


Q.  When donating financially, who do I write my check to?

A.   Please make checks payable to "The Ministries at Main Street,” and mail to Still Waters Church, 256 South Hanover St, Pottstown, PA 19465.


Q.  How do I contact “The Ministries at Main Street?”

A.   You can reach us at our Welcome Center office: Trinity Reformed UCC, 60 N Hanover Street, Pottstown, PA 19464 

Phone & Fax:  (610) 455-5333 

Email: info@ministriesatmainstreet.org .


Thank You in advance for your concern!

The Ministries at Main Street

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