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Please understand that you are permitted to use the songs listed below for research, private study or scholarship. If you wish to use them in your church, you will need a CCLI license. For more information on how to obtain a license, visit

By Todd Proctor

G             D/F#

who am i that i receive

  C                  G/B

a Savior’s love, how could it be

     Am          Em                 D

that one like me,  is called Your beloved

    G               D/F#

and when i think of hands and feet

       C              G/B

nailed to the cross because of me

     Am       Em             D

then i believe   i am Your beloved


G/B   C     D

You gave me love (You are my love)

G/B   C     D

You gave me life (You are my life)

G/B   C     D    D#m Em

You gave me righteousness

            C     D             G

I am Your beloved   and You are mine

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