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April 2005 Still Waters Newsletter
It's been a long time...Let's Catch-up!
As it turns out, our monthly newsletter had turned into our quarterly newsletter, and then had turned into our periodical... My apologies. We wanted to get it out before it morphed into a biannual, or worse-an annual. I hope to do better at keeping you informed by getting back on track to the monthly format.

There has been so much going on at Still Waters, both from the church perspective, and also from a personal standpoint. Here are some highlights...

Catching Up
by Kork Moyer   what's new at still water 
We have begun a partnership with CCLU - Centro Cultural Latinos Unidos in Pottstown

This is an outreach to the emerging Latino community here in town. Its focus is an after school program to help out working families.

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Still Waters has now established a Guidance Board of people who have grown to love this work and the poor of Pottstown

We have been given a wonderful opportunity to serve Christ and his people - and more than this; to be a light on a hill - a lighthouse to those far off from God.

Click here to read Establishing Still Waters

Still Waters has been accepted as a Northern Atlantic Fellowship (NAF) Church of the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches (FGBC)

At our annual NAF conference, held at New Beginnings Church in Myerstown, PA on March 13th, Still Waters was officially accepted into the NAF

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I have completed my trendier with Exelon Corporation

Well, it's official, I have submitted my resignation to Exelon Corporation on March 23, and will complete my work with the Licensing Group on April 6th. This has been a very difficult transition...

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I've been seeing the prison system close up for the first time in many years and from a new perspective - as a Pastor - and it's frustrating!

It has been years since being involved with prison ministry...many, many years in fact. But a few friends have had their share of legal difficulties this year. Some, from a life of systematic, institutionalized human warehousing, and others finding themselves where anyone of us could wind up in a quick instance, ...

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The Table
by The Table Ministry Team   We have been on the street serving food for about 6 months now
Since beginning we have made some wonderful friends, have been given an awesome responsibility toward these friends, took upon ourselves some very unique problems, and unfortunately some not so unique problems.

Because the needs are so big, our elation is sweeter, when we see real changes appear.

We have some good friends who are now parts of our everyday lives. This is heartbreaking sometimes - but a very good kind of heartbreak, when God appears in the midst of trouble.

I've asked some of our folks if they would write some thoughts about The Table.

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A Wonderful Easter!
by Kork Moyer   Celebrating Holy Week at Still Waters
On the Thursday before Easter, we held a joint service with our three home churches to celebrate Maundy Thursday.

Maundy Thursday (môn'dee or Holy Thursday) is one of the lesser-known days of the Christian calendar and, were it not for the Maundy Ceremony, would probably have fallen into disuse altogether. It is the day before Good Friday.

It is the traditional English name for Thursday during Holy Week, so named because it is considered the anniversary of the institution of the Eucharist by Jesus at the Last Supper...

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Who is sitting in your Pews?
  We have a church full of the "have-nots;" people who struggle each day to survive
Part of our charter is to connect God's people with means to those without. We know and understand that all people are not cutout for this type of ministry, however reading through the prophets, will give us all a very stark understanding that God identifies Himself with them - more than 3000 references to taking care of the poor

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Prayer Requests
  Please pray for...
The funds to supply the CCLU Computers with licensed copies of Windows XP for all of the donated computers for their after school program - approximately $2000, and enough funds to supply our Computer Initiative with the same, only split between the Consumer Center of the PA Department of Mental Health location on High Street, and a possible location in the Human Relations Commission building at Washington & Chestnut Streets (where we do The Table ministry on Wednesday evenings).

A "Cheap" public meeting place for the Home Churches to gather together and "Tabernacle" with God. We have next to no budget for this.

The growth of the Home Churches, and the start of new Churches. The people we are meeting are interest in doing church afresh. We are just discovering who we will be in God's work, and we could use your thoughts, advice, encouragement...and yes, your critique.

The Table and the ministries that emerge from this connection to the community and Still Waters churches.

The families in our area in need.

My corporate job is gone! As we asked you for prayer before, I believe that God has answered them, in that I believe that I was able to leave Exelon well. However, our family's future is far less stable without this income, and we must admit to being nervous about the future--still trusting God to provide.

Two friends have been released from incarceration, with significant challenges ahead. These are very good men who God loves, and even through they have been in some very rough circumstances, they have been used in big ways by God--in ways that others could not easily understand. They belong to God and have been sustained for some very profound and powerful godly purposes. They minister to me a lot!

Pray that we would be humble enough for God to use - that Jesus, and His message will be evident in all that we do.

Material Needs
  Please consider if God would have you help us in any of these ways...
We are in need of a trailer, of some sort, or something that we could use that would assist us in moving our church equipment (chairs, sound system, etc. to and from whatever location we end up in; gathering for our public Worship Services that we call "Tabernacling." We would also need a trailer hitch for my truck.) We would like to avoid a vehicle (not being able to afford insurance, maintenance costs, etc), but if someone has a really good idea about something that we could use or do, please let us know.
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My referral link is below. To help us get an iPod, just click through the link to join.

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Financial Needs
  Please consider helping us to help the poor.
You can contribute financially to help Still Waters Online. We are struggling financially as a church, whereas the type of ministries that we are involved in are draining both financially, and with regard to time commitments. Please consider helping Still Waters with financial gifts to help continue the work here in Pottstown, PA.

Also, please consider helping in this way ongoing through monthly contributions.

We love to serve God by serving the people he has given to us here in Pottstown, and should you desire to help with this work financially please click below.

Thank you so much, and may God bless you!

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Some things are just worth remembering...
  Thoughts that affect me as I walk with Jesus.
"Earth's crammed with heaven; And every common bush set afire with God; But only he who sees, takes off his shoes. The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries." - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Click here to read "Thoughts on the Journey"

Gifting: Giving Back to God
  Do You Have the Time?
If you have an interest in providing selfless ministry within your giftedness, here in the Greater Pottstown Area, please let us know.

Click here if you have the time

A Call to Renewal
by Clayton W. Smith   A New Altar Call for Social Action
A common experience among many Christians in modern culture is a lack of defined purpose having responded to an altar call. Many of us have begun the journey of faith without much assurance of exactly what we have been "called" to do. However, it seems there is an intuitive sense to work for the common good of society including overcoming poverty, preventing war, protesting for equal rights and caring for creation.

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