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Please click HERE to understand who we are, and what "church planting is..."

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"Still Waters" is a socially conscience church, dedicated to intentional community through diversity.


We are located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, hoping to build a church of equality, freedom and acceptance through the love of Christ.  We seek to regain the biblical description of Christ’s Community.

We are primarily a reimagined way of "being church."

Note: The word "church" is a verb, but how often are we experiencing church, rather than going to a building called "Church?"

                                             Questions or comments? Get in touch with us at:
                                                                  Mailing Address:
                                                          256 South Hanover Street
                                                              Pottstown, PA 19465
                                                             Phone: (610) 970-2444
                                                               Fax: (484) 363-4017

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Still Waters is a Grace Brethren Church located in Pottstown PA. We are a different and re-imagined way of being Church. Church is not a building, but God's loving people serving his creation.

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